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What Is The Shark Sonic Duo?

The Shark Sonic Duo is a revolutionary all in one floor care system. Whether you have carpets, hard floor surfaces, or area rugs the Shark Sonic Duo is equally effective for cleaning and maintaining every flooring surface in your home. Cleaning will no longer be a tedious task for you. The Shark Sonic Duo enables you to clean with less effort, and is extremely lightweight and portable. In fact, it can be compared to the push and pull of an air hockey table. Cleaning you’re home now becomes enjoyable and easy instead of burdensome. The ease of cleaning with the Shark Sonic Duo makes it a cut above the rest.

The Shark Sonic Duo allows you to cut back on your annual expenses that typically would go towards maintaining your floors. Many people spend a lot of money annually striving to keep their floors in a presentable condition. You will no longer have to rent machines or even hire someone professionally to come out and do the work for you. Let’s be honest, most people a test to the fact that whether they do the cleaning themselves or hire someone professionally to do it for them, after a short period of the time the spots and problem areas reappear. There aren’t only cost saving associated with the Shark Sonic Duo, but there are also time savings associated as well. Simply because you will no longer have to rent floor care systems, nor schedule someone to come to your home. You will now have the Shark Sonic Duo there at your disposable for all of your floor care solutions.

An important thing to note is that the Shark Sonic Duo is not a vacuum. It is an all in one floor care system, that you can use in conjunction with your vacuum. Although vacuums are necessary, a lot of the times most vacuums simply remove surface dirt. Most do not remove stuck on dirt and grime that is trapped in your carpet’s fibers. The Shark Sonic Duo provides you with the ability to deep clean your carpets as well as thoroughly clean your hard floor surfaces.

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How does the Shark Sonic Duo Work?

The Shark Sonic Duo provides you with cleaning capabilities like no other floor care systems on the market. Shark’s Sonic Cleaning Technology scrubs your floors 1000 times per minute. That is actually 16 times per second. Due to the Sonic Cleaning Technology that the Sonic Duo provides, you’ll be able to remove fives times more stuck on dirt and grime than vacuuming alone. Since vacuuming alone doesn’t remove the stuck on dirt it causes staining, odors and discolorations of your carpets. The Shark Sonic Duo and it’s Sonic Cleaning Technology brightens and freshens you carpets.

Shark Sonic Duo Cleaning Technology

The Shark Sonic Duo For Your Carpets & Rugs

The Sonic Duo Cleaning System not only removes the surface dirt that is visible on your carpets, but it also removes stuck on dirt and grime that is trapped in your carpets fibers. The combination of the low moisture, no rinse carpet shampoo and the microfiber carpet pads works wonders in removing the surface dirt on your carpet. Your story will no longer be that shortly after the stains reappeared. The Shark Sonic Duo handles the job effectively and efficiently.

Shark Sonic Duo Carpet And Rugs



The Shark Sonic Duo For Your Hard Floor Surfaces

The Shark Sonic Duo can be used on all your hard surface floors. It’s not just limited to hardwood floors. The Dual Scrubbing Action combined with the hard floor cleaner allows you to remove stuck on dirt on your floors just as with your carpets. So whether you have hardwood, tile, stone, vinyl, marble, etc.. the Shark Sonic Duo will truly clean all of your sealed floors.

Shark Sonic Duo Hard Surface Floors

The Shark Sonic Duo For Your Hard Wood Floors

The Shark Sonic Duo Cleaning System is a dream come true for those with hardwood floors. You no longer have to worry about any streaks or dulling residues after cleaning as you do with other floor care systems. The Wood & Hard Floor Cleaner allows you to maintain your older floors by filling in micro scratches and keep your new floors looking new for years to come. All you’ll be left with is your floors looking and feeling cleaner. You’ll be amazed at the transformation you give your hardwood floors with the Shark Sonic Duo.


Shark Sonic Duo Hardwood Floors

What Kinds Of Pads And Cleaning Solutions Are Available For The Shark Sonic Duo?

All of the cleaning solutions for the Shark Sonic Duo are non toxic and safe to be used around your pets and children. Many other systems on the market typically use harsh chemicals that are detrimental to you and the environment. Shark has designed cleaning solutions for the Sonic Duo that are gentle, yet provide you with superior cleaning capabilities. The Sonic Duo cleaning solutions include the Trap & Remove Technology that is patented specifically for the Shark Sonic Duo. With the Trap & Remove Technology when you combine the low moisture, non rinse carpet shampoo with Shark’s Sonic Cleaning Technology this dehydrates the stuck on dirt and unlocks it from the carpet fibers. The Shark Sonic Duo leaves your carpets cleaner and brighter than before.

The unique thing about the Shark Sonic Duo cleaning pads is that they are designed to work with the sonic cleaning action. These pads are microfiber pads therefore they’re washable. So the pads can be used time and time again. This in turn provides you with the assurance of knowing that you won’t incur additional expenses for the purchase of disposable pads. This is yet another cost saving associated with the Shark Sonic Duo.


Shark Sonic Duo Cleaners & Pads

As You Can See The Shark Sonic Duo Saves You Money And Time. It is Truly the Supreme All In One Floor Care System.

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