2020 in review

2020: It will live on forever 😜

2020 might be considered a year with a lot of ‘downs’ but if you take a deeper look you can clearly see 2 big ‘ups’ that came to life in this apocalyptic year. 

They have both been an integral component of our days at home. It was what made quarantine a little easier and somewhat relieved the stress from within. It made us smile again and it kept us dancing in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, brightened our days in the darkest of times…

First one to reach us was Moshe Tischler – Modeh Ani.

It was released at the start of it all, May 11. We were about 2 months into quarantine and with no sign of it ending soon, we really needed that album to give us a boost in life. It hit the stores on that day, and soon hit records on Spotify and Apple Music. Starting off with the song Chazakim which instantly gave us a pat on the back saying ‘We’ll never fall‘.

Numbers wound up rising as we cleared the first month of release to a staggering 200k streams on these two platforms. Not stopping there… in November, a little more than a half year after release, a magical million streams were recorded. (not to mention that he was number 1 on iTunes the week of release)

Way to go Moshe! That’s one heck of a debut…

Second in line was Motty Ilowitz – Rayoines.

On August 11 (we seem to love the eleventh) it went to stores, Spotify and Apple Music. It resonated with the broader audience. Not only the Chasidic and Yiddish speaking demographic picked it up but people from all over seemed to immensely connect to the words and feelings that Motty was able to embed in the beautiful tunes of his.

With concepts of a true artist and music of the purest, it quickly became his highest selling album, flew off the shelves and wasn’t shy on streaming services at all. With his most popular song being Yiddishe Taavos it certainly made people laugh and get a refreshing feeling of the days we were all in Shul together. He warmed our hearts and shined a light into our homes.

As Motty says it ‘I thought that worldwide pandemics is a thing of the past and can’t happen nowadays

And in a nutshell these are some more stuff that happened somewhere in between.

  • Yiddish cover of the famous MBD song Daddy Dear by Yoely Brown
  • Mix and Mastered single B’shir for Benny Friedman and Sruly Green
  • Shmaya Fischer with a cover Vehoiyu Hashem
  • Triumph instrumental by Sara Dukes
  • and Nesanel Cohen with a new song Birchas Kohanim

We at Sonic Duo had a blast sharing these with you. We are thankful to Hashem for giving us these opportunities to enlighten the lives of so many people with our music. We strive to bring you the best of our abilities and we look forward to a better year to come.

May 2021 be an upbeat musical year…

Happy New Year!

The Sonic Duo Team

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