Our Mission

Sonic Duo was established to create Quality Content in Music and Entertainment, by harnessing real talent in the industry and creating a platform where talent can grow and flourish to its maximum potential.

Creating a balance between art and people’s expectations is the ultimate challenge that we strive to bridge, by creating a platform where the artist can be their best and having a team that understands what fans and people love.

Whether you are an artist or a fan, we all have a role to play and purpose to achieve. Sonic Duo makes this dream in to a reality!

What We Value

Hard work
Creative thinking 
Friendship & Family
Perfect imperfection




Mendy Hershkowitz is an icon in the Jewish Music industry. He is the founder of Sonic Duo Inc, a diversified entertainment and media company, that has produced many Jewish Hit Albums and singles for the most famous Jewish Singers and performers.
Mendy is also known for being the Musical Director of his popular MendyHBand (Previously known as Sababa Band) and has been performing internationally for many years. He is also the creator and founder of themusicalnote.com where you can find all Jewish Sheet Music, Mendy is a co-founder of now popular Jewish music streaming app ShiraLi.

Faigy Fleischman

Project Manager

Our Project Manager excels in overseeing projects from planning to delivery, ensuring seamless execution. We maintain project momentum while driving projects forward to meet client expectations and achieve high standards of quality and satisfaction.

Ephraim Berkowitz

Mixing Engineer

Our Mixing Engineer excels in post-production, crafting impeccable soundscapes with meticulous attention to detail. Collaborating closely with clients, we tailor mixes to suit project needs, ensuring top-quality results and shaping projects’ sonic identity.

Brooke Stone

Client Services Coordinator

Our Client Services Coordinator adeptly manages relationships, bookings, and finances with precision. Committed to excellence, we excel in proactive communication and engagement, enhancing efficiency and client satisfaction.