Nesanel Cohen - Birchas Kohanim

Birchas Kohanim: When the ‘Cohen’ takes the stage…

 Nesanel Cohen resides the Blessing that has been given for thousands of years by the Kohanim… Now in a new Tune.

Nesanel Cohen

Composed on a high note by the famous and world-renowned Pinchus Mordechai “Pinky” Weber, This song is based on the Prayer that the Kohanim say/sing to bless Klal Yisroel and is one of the most precious Brachas that we get… Nesanel felt a deep connection to this song as he is a ‘Kohan‘ himself.

Then it was time for Mendy Hershkowitz to take it to the next level… with his ability to transform notes into… Well, way more than that. He delivers an arrangement out of this world that envelopes the listener in a universe of melody and harmony, calming down your heartbeat and giving you a break in the midst of any situation.

Opening up the song is an Indian Flute, played by Avrumi Basch. It right away gives you the unique feel of something out of the ordinary… It sets the tone for a deeply immersive story. It’s something that can’t really be described in words…

Together with the European National Orchestra the song evolves, Noam Burg Chargol pulls the right strings on the guitar and Gal Gershovsky gives us the rhythm on the drums…

Nesanel Cohen Is backed throughout the song by the amazing voices of the famous lev Choir led by the talented Aba Berkowitz, bringing up the song to it’s full potential.

Mixed and Mastered by the engineers at Sonic Duo to finalize and perfect the last steps for the song to reach us as the audience and make our day great again….

Listen and enjoy.

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