Year In Review: 2021

We at Sonic Duo are closing in on another year of music and song. We had the great pleasure of working on many projects with some of the biggest names in Jewish music, as well as some newcomers to the industry.

We’d like to take this moment and thank Hashem for the amazing opportunities that He grants us every single day and for this incredible year as a whole. It’s been an amazing journey witnessing the countless songs come in as melodies and leave the studio with harmonies. Following are a sampling of the creations we were able to polish, make shine and spread across the world.

Kisei Hamelech - Itzik Dadya

We started off the year with mesmerizing arrangements for the one and only Itzik Dadya. “Kisei Hamelech“, a heartwarming song that was accompanied by a beautiful video, truly started the year off in the right direction. (Listen to this song on Spotify and Apple Music)

Next, we had the honor to arrange a song for the inimitable Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz on his newest release, Shir 3. “Achas“, a beautiful composition, was treated with much love and respect and was arranged together with the talented Yitzy Waldner. Yaakov Shwekey sings this track on the album. (Listen to this song on Spotify and Apple Music)

Avi Newmark came in with a magnificent song, Shomra Zos“. We recorded the vocals of his son, Zachary, and arranged the song. A project beautifully done. (Listen to this song on YouTube)

Yitzy Waldner came again with a friend, talented singer, Yissachar Dror, for a new song, “Boi Kallah“, that was recorded in honor of his wife. We assisted him in creating a song par excellence with next level arrangements. With the help of Yitzy, we produced this piece of art. (Listen to this song on Spotify and Apple Music)

Gindi Maimonides Academy, an Orthodox Jewish school in LA, held their third annual show. Baruch Levine composed an empowering song in honor of the occasion, which we had the honor of producing. “Many Voices One Song” features Mordechai Shapiro, Baruch Levine, Beri Weber, and Benny Friedman.(Listen to this song on Spotify and Apple Music)

Ilan - Yaakov Shwekey

We weren’t going to let Yitzy Waldner walk off so fast and held him for another soulful project, together with superstar Yaakov Shwekey. We recorded, arranged and produced “Ilan” with an orchestral feel and stirring harmonies. Yaakov and Yitzy share a duet on this special song. (Listen to this song on Spotify and Apple Music)

While Yitzy was still here… and YaakovL’chaim – A Toast To Life made a visit at our studio where we arranged two songs. 1) “Shtei Neshamot“, composed by Yitzy Waldner. 2) “Lecha Atzmi“, composed by Yaakov‘s brother, R’ Moshe Dovid Shwekey, who was a guest singer on that song. Both of these songs were a blast to work on, and we were so honored that we had a chance to take a part in this iconic album. (Listen to these songs on Spotify and Apple Music)

Moshe Tischler rocked the Jewish music world with a new single (and amazing video btw), “Abba Gadol“, composed by Yitzy Berry. The energy that Moshe injected in the song was brought to life at our studio with an amazing arrangement by Jack Shore. This song is leading Moshe to his second album, following his first, (produced by your favorite team at Sonic Duo) which continues to be a enjoyed globally. His second album is scheduled for the upcoming 2022, and we can’t wait for the world to get a look at what Moshe has in store. (Listen to this song on Spotify and Apple Music)

We finish off the year with a new song composed by Meir Rosenberg and arranged by our team. “Shivisi” is not your typical song. Acoustic guitars will make you dance and the melody will have you begging to sing along. Zemiros Choir follows the song in perfect harmony and will have your ears glued to this masterpiece. (Listen to this song on YouTube)

It’s been a full year, and we have been hard at work in bringing you the best that music can offer. We strive for another year of sheer perfection and beautiful melodies. We look forward to what 2022 will bring and can’t wait to share with you the projects that we are currently working on.

Happy New Year.

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